Thursday, April 30, 2020

BookBub Compiles 15 Ways Authors are Using Instagram to Connect with Readers Amidst Physical Distancing

There's a lot to appreciate about this piece by Evelyn Maguire, 15 Ways Authors are Using Instagram to Overcome Physical Distancing Challenges.

I'll start with how much I prefer the expression "Physical Distancing" to "Social Distancing." This is precisely when we need to feel closer to each other socially - and technology can help with that. It's just we need physical distance between us to keep everyone safe. It's an important distinction.

The article's content is inspiring as well. While the examples are all from Instagram, they're applicable to other platforms and forms of social media. Here are some highlights of how authors are overcoming physical distancing challenges:

1. They’re hosting Q&As via Instagram Live
Authors have been making themselves more accessible to readers by inviting them to scheduled or impromptu Q&As via Instagram Live.

3. They’re recommending quarantine reads
Many authors are sharing book recommendations with their readers.

4. They’re bringing book launches to readers virtually
For many authors, coronavirus has disrupted their much-anticipated book releases and launch events. So many are using Instagram to celebrate their launches virtually instead.

10. They’re offering ways to help fellow writers
Some authors are providing writing guidance as a way to help fellow writers during this stressful time!

15. They’re trying to lighten the mood
With humorous videos, pictures, and memes, many authors have been sharing lighthearted moments with their followers.

Check out the full piece and all the examples here.

Illustrate and Write on - and feel connected socially (even while we're physically distant),

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