Thursday, April 9, 2020

What Writers Do: A Reflection on Making Art During Quarantine - by Elana K. Arnold

This piece by Elana K. Arnold, part of the SCBWI Insight for April, 2020, said it so well! Elana writes of there being:

"two conflicting schools of thought: the first said that Shakespeare wrote King Lear while quarantined from the plague, Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein because of the ‘Volcanic Winter’ caused by the eruption of Mount Tambora, and Van Gough painted Starry Night while living in an asylum; if they could create such work in these situations, then so, too, should we be gestating and birthing the next generation of Great Art during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The other school of thought seemed to be: Did you put on pants today? If so, you are a hero."
Read the full article here for Elana's wisdom, with heart.

Illustrate and Write On, and most of all—stay safe,

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