Tuesday, April 14, 2020

#AuthorsTakeAction - Padma Venkatraman launches a social media campaign to amplify authors’ books – and save lives.

We Need Diverse Books amplifies Padma's call for #AuthorsTakeAction

It was trending on Twitter, reported in Publishers Weekly, and it's the brainchild of MG author Padma Venkatraman, who explains in an open letter on her website,

We’re launching a hashtag campaign #AuthorsTakeAction on Thursday, April 9th to show our readers that we stand together by being apart.

Why? Because if we don’t act together, soon, the toll taken by COVID19 will only increase. Our readers are frustrated and looking for guidance from people they trust: celebrities, athletes, teachers, authors. Let’s use our platform to reach them with an important message: Take social distancing seriously. Save lives. Our emergency personnel need our support.

What do you need to do? Take a copy of one of your books and put a sticky note on it with hashtag #AuthorsTakeAction. Snap a selfie with the book and post-it. Provide a short message that might read/say: “Stay in Place. Read Books. Stay Safe.” Or “Hold books in your hands. Hold people in your heart.” Or “Show Your Love, Keep Your Distance.” Or “Get close to book characters. Stay 6 ft away from strangers.” Or something from your own heart to encourage our readers to take social distancing seriously and stay healthy.
Join in, amplify, follow along... and help spread the word that social distancing can help save lives.

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Unknown said...

Guidance from celebrities and athletes? Uuh, I think not!