Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wednesday Tweet Roundup

Welcome to the mostly-MOCKINGJAY edition of my Wednesday Tweet Roundup. Suzanne Collins' latest book was a trending topic--lots of writers, editors and agents were terribly stoked about the release of the latest in the HUNGER GAMES series.

I've also included, among other things, news of an original e-book for young readers, some query tips from agents, and one writer's video please for publication.

My favorite tweet of the week on the Emmy win for the Old Spice Man You Man Can Smell Like commercial my seems apropos of nothing--but that ad is a great example of something catching on and totally going viral via YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Isn't that what we'd all love for your books? Quick--someone hire Isaiah Mustafa for a book trailer!

Click on the Twitter handles (@name) to find each tweeter's page should you wish to follow them or read more of what they're saying. Follow the included links to read the articles or blog posts these tweeters recommend.

Remember--whether you're signed up with Twitter or not, you can read tweets and click links to find helpful blog posts, useful articles, and timely news bits (like the ones below).

@Ginger_Clark Popping head in from vacation to ask if something major happened today in my industry? Huh?

@jamieharrington @Ginger_Clark naah, everybody's too busy reading Mockingjay :)

@PWKidsBookshelf Suzanne Collins answers five questions; @Scholastic has the video

@Scholastic MOCKINGJAY is trending on Twitter (USA!) Here's the proof. It's legit!

@ElanaRoth Okay, guys. I'm going in. #mockingjay

@EgmontGal I am reading. THE BOOK. Shhhh. No more from me till it's done.

@curiousmartha I can't wait! RT @colleenaf Tonight's regularly scheduled writing group has been replaced with reading group. #blamemockingjay

@angie_frazier My local Indie has my copy of #Mockingjay waiting for me :-) I'll be picking it up tomorrow & hiding it from my husband...

@Janet_Reid I'm thinking of waylaying @sztownsend81 and @mer_barnes to see if I can steal their copies of #Mockingjay. #nonotreally
@MandyHubbard 2 teen grls were buying #mockingjay at borders. 1 team peeta, 1 teem Gale. Kinda wanted to go read it with them!

@MyraMcEntire Dear @scholastic,Pls pass along my a)offer of servitude b) deep and abiding adoration c) bucket of tears to S. Collins.

@PWKidsBookshelf Random House Ch Bks publishes its 1st e-book orig: The Death of Joan of Arc: A Lost Story from the Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel

@GalleyCat The list keeps growing as our Facebook readers recommend the best YA Books for Adults:

@emhornerbooks Some Recommended Titles for LGBTQ Young Adults via @huffingtonpost

@WeronikaJanczuk A Note About Reading Queries:
@NathanBransford Everything you need to know about how to write a query letter:

@AudryT Top 100 banned/challenged books in the last decade: A lot of these authors are on Twitter!
@JoKnowles Great post on censorship by @lkmadigan "When Parents Panic"

@PublishingSpy publish: Calling Literary Agents And Publishers For My First Novel

@mashable “Old Spice Guy” Ad Wins an Emmy -

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Unknown said...

Yay! Especially for Emily Horner. A LOVE STORY STARRING MY DEADBEST FRIEND is golden. And I wish Weronika the best in her new ventures.