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Wednesday Tweet Roundup: Post-Conference All #LA10SCBWI Edition

Today I bring you a rather massive all-Annual-Summer-Conference Tweet Roundup featuring great quotes and soundbites, links to conference report posts offering info/take away/reactions from a baker's dozen  conference-goers, and some other fun tidbits.

The grand prize for most tweeted and retweeted line goes to S&S editor Justin Chanda:
"If everyone goes home and writes to the trends, then the vampires win!"; "We're looking for what's new."

And a little advice to all you Twitter users out there from my partner in crime Greg Pincus:
@gregpincus: Post #la10scbwi - don't forget to connect with all your new Twitter friends (many followed you - have you followed back?)
Click on the Twitter handles (@name) to each tweeter's page should you wish to follow them. Follow the links included below to read the articles or blog posts these tweeters point to.

Remember--whether you're signed up with Twitter or not, you can read tweets and click links to find helpful blog posts, useful articles, and timely news bits--or, in this case, to experience vicariously/relive the 2010 SCBWI Annual Summer Conference.

@barrygoldblatt: Most common question I got at #LA10SCBWI: "Is @libbabray here?" #mywifeismorepopularthanme

@mbrockenbrough: Marion Dane Bauer: Most stories begin in neuroses: anger, fear, unfulfilled longing so deep it never leaves...even in your sleep.

@LPP_Media: "I just turned 37, and I can't purge this adolescent voice from my head!" Carolyn Mackler. Please don't, CM. You're fabulous!

@alicepope: Marion Dane Bauer: The best ideas for picture books are subversive (Where the Wild Things, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie)
 @_JessicaLove: "If you have writers block, it's because you don't know a character well enough or because you're avoiding a scene." Rachel Vail
@HeatherTrese: Susan C. Bartoletti "You can't research in the middle because that's where stereotypes live. You have to research to the edges."
@LPP_Media: Children's book author, Gail Carson Levine, humbly confesses - her most frequent note to self is, "I don't know what I'm doing."

@mbrockenbrough: A. Levine: "It tasted of pot and Dr. Pepper. That's a very specific kiss. The more specific it is, I feel like I just had it."

@storyconnection: Francesco Sedita, Penguin: If you're not making mistakes, you're not taking risks.

@HeatherTrese: Loren Long - When an illustrator picks up a book, he's saying he loves it enough to make it as much his as it is the writer's.

@_JessicaLove: "As artists, we need to fill ourselves to overflowing and give it all back." - E.B. Lewis

@alicepope: Agenting styles vary. Ginger Clark: I'm not your shrink. Lisa Grubka: I am.

@HeatherTrese: Gordon Korman: "Picture in your mind a bored, disaffected 11 year old saying, 'Do I care about this?'"

@kirstenhubbard: Press yourself to ask dangerous questions. Don't be afraid of your eccentricity -- embrace it. ~MT Anderson

@HeatherTrese: Loren Long: "Ask yourself - 'If they can do this, why can't I?' It's not who you know. I live in Cincinnati."

@SaraLewisHolmes: Linda Sue Park: MG novels = the world isn't fair---what are you going to do about it?

@_JessicaLove: "To make a character more like a teen have her stop thinking about something else, bring her back to thinking about herself" Amy Koss

@LiteraryAsylum: 3 most repeated words by agents, publishers, editors, and even the valet at #LA10SCBWI - NO MORE VAMPIRES.

@lishacauthen: "Find the one agent/editor who lights up when they read your work. That's the one for you." - Jill Alexander

@alicepope: Lin Oliver (setting Jon Scieszka straight): Princesses don't fart. They don't have intestines, just tiaras.

@combsmaggie: Agent Panel Notes

@angelamatteson: My conference blog post day 1:

@jaimetem: At #LA10SCBWI I only blogged about celebrities, picture books, graphic novels, and big pants.

@heatherkephart: Hazel Mitchell's SCBWI Summer Conference notes/doodles on Facebook are a must-see! #la10scbwi #kidlit

@Brodiashton: M.T. Anderson's Break Out Session, or Why My Head Exploded at SCBWI

@kiwiandpear: My recap of the SCBWI Summer Conference

@DHeiligman: A few things I learned at #LA10SCBWI also cupcakes.

@amysundberg: My response to MT Anderson's fabulous keynote at #LA10SCBWI:

@KatieAlender: On the blog » SCBWI Conference Wrap-up

@DanaElmendorf: An overview of what I took from #LA10SCBWI With follow up blogs to come in the next few weeks.

@GretchenMcNeil: Woo hoo! It's my #la10scbwi round-up post featuring too many awesome writers and agents to name in 140 characters!!!

@leewind: Amazing! What I learned at the SCBWI Summer Conference

@gregpincus: Publishing is Changing. Let's Deal. (my recap/opinion of Rubin Pfeffer's #la10scbwi keynote):

@talewright: Hey Men! Want a reason to attend #LA10SCBWI other than the great people and fantastic workshops. M to F Ratio: 1-4 (don't tell my wife!)

@angelamatteson: I went to NY one but got even more from #la10scbwi Heard just what I needed to push myself to take my work to the next level.

@joypreble: So very ready for some character revision in the WIP after brilliant sessions from Rachel Vail and Carolyn Mackler.

@mbrockenbrough: When Arthur Levine points something out about your writing, you want to smack your forehead and say, "Of course!" He's so good.

@LiaKeyes: Such buzz & excitement this year! One friend signed with an agent, another got a full ms requested from an editor... happy!

@wendydelsol: @rachelvailbooks Kudos to someone who can make me laugh and cry at 8:30 on a Monday morning.

@crcook: #la10scbwi: danced barefoot, dined with poets, stealth-photographed a literary genius, had my mind blown, didn't sleep, did ponder and laugh


@rondiolson: Best part of #LA10SCBWI ? Talking to other authors who are on the same journey. It can be long and frustrating!
@_JessicaLove: The best/craziest thing about #LA10SCBWI? You sit next to someone at the lobby bar, then the next day you realize he is a Caldecott winner.

@KKittscher: Lovely birthday present: long chat at lunch with sid fleischman winner allen zadoff. Inspiring.


@breedespain: Danced to "The Love Shack" with M.T. Anderson. Only at #LA10SCBWI #Eep

@elisanader: OH from hallway last night: Drunkie 1: "I can't remember my room number!" Drunkie 2: "Really? Because I have to throw up."

@rachelvailbooks: Kids have no idea how wild the seemingly mild-mannered writers of their books are.
 @yaHighway: YA Highway and @theGotYA just got kicked out of the Hyatt hot tub :(
@juliacollard: - was unaware that this conference was also a Karaoke bar.

@alicepope: Overheard at #LA10SCBWI: "How do you spell sobriety? I'm emailing my agent."


@novaren: Can't stand it. Have to go to #LA10SCBWI next year. Is the LA conference the best one? Sounds like it:

@happybluejess: Thanks to all for the tweets from #LA10SCBWI. Hope to be there next year, but feel like I'm there now via tweeps.

@HeatherTrese: Am definitely fan-girling over everyone.. Also? Children's book writers are SO much more fun than adult authors.

@gekkards: Official SCBWI Conference Blog rocks! Thanks TEAM BLOG.


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