Monday, August 9, 2010

Getting Back in the Swing Post-Conference

After a whole week in Los Angeles which included four days of blogging, three parties, two presentations with Greg Pincus, a little too much wine, far too many french fries, my first board meeting, and very little sleep, I took last Thursday and Friday to nap, unpack, do laundry, nap, hang with my kid, nap, shake off the jet lag, catch up on my TV shows, nap, readjust to eastern standard time, and nap.

I also managed to squeeze in some time (between naps) to read the post-conference buzz (which is still buzzing) on Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and the media. Because, to be quite honest, it's hard when the conference is over. It zips by so quickly--then, all of a sudden, I'm home. And I miss the energy. I miss my old friends. I miss my new friends. I miss the Century Plaza and it's sultry-voiced elevator ("Lllobby"). And I miss TEAM BLOG.

Speaking of, if you haven't been there, I urge you to check out the AMAZING conference blog. There are a hundred-plus posts covering keynotes, breakouts, premium workshops, and social events as well a as a ton of photos and video. Kudos again to the terrific TEAM for their pre- and live conference coverage: Jaime Temairik, Jolie Stekly, Lee Wind, Martha Brokenbrough, Sara Stern and Suzanne Young.

If you haven't seen the Publishers Weekly coverage yet, click here for PW's conference overview and here for their piece on Rubin Pfeffer's keynote on content.

Wednesday I'll be offering an all-post-conference Tweet Roundup including favorite quotes, interesting observations, links to various conference reports, and more. If you can't wait two days to peek at the ever-growing conference conversation, search for #LA10SCBWI to check it out.

If, like me, you have a touch of pre-conference funk, read about it, relive it, scroll through your photos, go over your notes, e-mail new contacts, create an inner buzz--then get to work. Apply what you learned. Try something new. Revisit your WIP with fresh perspective. 

And remember...the SCBWI Annual Winter Conference is not that far off.


Kenda Turner said...

Thanks, Alice--appreciate the links all in one place. I've gotten a bit lost trying to find the updates. Wish I could have been there, but this is good :-) Maybe next year...

Anonymous said...

I LOLed remembering that sultry-voiced elevator. :D