Thursday, August 19, 2010

Participate in Random Acts of Publicity Week September 7-10

"In the publishing industry, it’s so easy to get into the 'Me' mentality," says author Darcy Pattison. "Read my book, read my blog, come to my book signing, etc. I found myself doing this last year and didn’t like myself."

So Darcy said took a step back to look around and consider all the fellow authors and illustrators she knew who had books that deserved great reviews. Thinking about the philosophy of Pay It Forward, she got the idea to initiate a week of Random Acts of Publicity during which she would encourage fellow book creators to help publicize one another's work. "The model is to do a kindness for others, not expecting anything in return," she says.

Read on to learn more about it RAoP which takes place September 7-10, visit Darcy's website for additional info, and click here to pledge your participation in the event via Facebook. 

It's the second year fro Random Acts of Publicity--how did it get started?

Borrowing the idea of Random Acts of Kindness, I wondered what a week of random acts of publicity would look like.

First, the timing. The Christmas season is a time when book sales soar right along with toy sales. The competition is fierce, though, so our marketing efforts need to be in stellar condition. For example, on Amazon, books tend to do better if they have more reviews. And that’s something I can help another author with. By putting the Random Acts of Publicity the week after Labor Day, we’ll have plenty of time to help others get ready for the holiday shopping season.

Second, what to do during the week? Last year, I posted suggestions, focusing each day on a different way of helping others promote their works.

How else are you spreading the word about RAoP other than via Facebook. Is Facebook the best place for info?

The Random Acts of Publicity event on Facebook is a great place for information. Click here.

The week of the event, I’ll be posting suggestions about things to do on my blog and adding links to those posts on the Facebook events page. Others are welcome to suggest ideas or talk about what they are doing, too. Last year, the schedule went like this:
This year, it will be similar.

What if a person wants to do something, but doesn't have a lot of spare time?

Even the smallest Random Act of Publicity is welcome! There are no small acts of kindness, no small places to do it. If your blog only has five readers, it still helps to post a review of a friend’s book. If you have time to only click Become a Fan on a friend’s Goodreads page, it’s enough. It’s a welcome kindness.


Natalie Aguirre said...

Yes, this is a great idea. I'm planning to participate. Hopefully lots of other authors will too.

Lisa Gail Green said...

I'm not published. Yet. But, I always do what I can to promote fellow authors books through blogging/twitter/etc.. It's always the right thing to do! So I think this whole concept is amazing.

Patricia T. said...


Just read your Random Acts of Publicity project. What a wonderful gesture and a way for everyone to help each other! Not published yet, but I certainly try to promote fellow authors. Will join your effort.

Patricia Tilton
Dayton, OH

Mad Men Girl said...

Calling all random acts of publicity! Or even on-purpose ones!

I've entered a contest to win a walk-on role on that retro-licious TV show "Mad Men".

If you wouldn't mind taking two seconds to vote for me, go to my blog, or use the following link, which will take you right to my picture:

Thanks a bunch!