Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Greg Pincus' Social Media Consultations at the 2015 SCBWI Summer Conference

Greg Pincus, Author, Social Media Guru and #LA15SCBWI Faculty Member

Greg Pincus knows his social media stuff. He's the guy who got his poems based on a math sequence to go viral, got written about in the New York Times, and parlayed all that (and his writing talent!) into a two book deal with Arthur A. Levine Books. The first of those books, The Fourteen Fibs of Gregory K., is out in the world...

And Greg is on faculty at #LA15SCBWI, once again offering his "Social Media Consultations." Since I'm not sure everyone knows just what the heck that is, I asked him...

Lee: So, Greg. What exactly is a social media consult, and who might want one?

Greg: Well, if you're active on social media - whether it's Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or blogging or anything in between - or think you're going to be active or have been told you should be active then you might want a consultation. 

My goal with a consult is to help each person figure out a plan to use their online time efficiently and effectively, no matter what they're doing already (or not!). The plan will look different for everyone and depends on individual goals and how much time folks can actually spend online. There's a constant drumbeat that wherever you are in your career arc, you have to be getting the word out or helping sales or establishing a presence or any number of other things. It can sound unachievable if not impossible, particularly since we all have lives to live, too. Still, with a plan and realistic goals, you can do more than enough and still have time to work. That's what the consult helps with, I think.

Lee: Let's role-play. I've just signed up for a social media consult. What do I have to do next?

Greg: I send out a simple questionnaire before the conference so I can find out what you're already doing online, if anything, what you want to accomplish, how much time you realistically think you can spend, and what social media questions you have (cuz we all have some!). It only takes a few minutes to fill out... and that's all that you have to do beforehand. 

Lee: And then?

Greg: We meet at the conference and talk! I also give you a written set of notes, and we work together to hatch a plan. You leave with definite steps to take. And then you can follow up with me after the conference - these consultations come with 30 minutes phone/skype/in person afterwards, since new questions have a way of popping up when you try new things. 

Lee: Final thoughts?

Greg: Social media can be a lot of fun at the same time as being helpful for a career. Sure, I'd tell you that you don't HAVE to do any of it (and if you really can't, don't feel guilty!). Still, if you're thinking about social media, I can't stress enough that having a plan and goals turn your time there from mindless procrastination into career action (and you'll probably have fun then, too).

Thanks, Greg!

You can sign up for social media consultations until July 20. Of course, to do that you'll have to be registered for the amazing Summer Conference. You'll find all the information here.

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