Thursday, March 20, 2014

Submit YOUR Book For the SCBWI Crystal Kite Member Choice Awards! Deadline Is March 26!

Each year, the SCBWI awards the Crystal Kite to outstanding PAL books published in the previous year from 15 SCBWI Divisions around the world. The books are chosen by the SCBWI membership who vote for the best title in their division.

If you had a PAL book published in 2013, the deadline to submit your book is Wednesday March 26th. Click here to find out how to enter your book.

Entrance Eligibility:

 1. You must be a current member to nominate your book.
 2. Nominated books must be a PAL book published in 2013. Click here for more information on PAL publishers.
 3. Self-Published books are not eligible and therefore cannot be nominated. (Note that there is a new SCBWI award for self-published works, the SPARK Award.)


 1. Enter your book by adding it to your publications on your member profile.
 2. Indicate that you would like the book entered by clicking the box.
 3. We have strict anti-spamming rules. Once your book is entered, you may promote the award on social media and to personal friends but you may not:
 - Send emails to people you do not know to promote your book
- Use the SCBWI messaging system to promote your book
- Use any SCBWI discussion board or listserve to promote your book
 Doing any of these will immediately flag your book for potential disqualification for the Crystal Kite Awards.
 4. Winners are announced in May in a press release and across all SCBWI social media and our website. Winners receive an engraved crystal kite award, an opportunity to present at a regional conference, a special sticker for their winning book, and the opportunity to submit a proposal for presentation at either our summer or winter conference.

Enter your books today and then vote for your favorites!

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