Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Twitter View of #LA12SCBWI

"What would 10 year old Tony want that old Tony can make?" -Tony DiTerlizzi inspires me!

(regarding agents) Sign with someone who believes in you, not just the first person who offers.

Tony DiTerlizzi:Imagination is my mission.  

"Sometimes the only solution to a moment [in a picture book] is hand lettering." Melissa Sweet

Patricia MacLachlan: "The first line of a story is where the kernel of truth begins."

Please yourself. Don't worry about the market. -Neal Porter

Drink on the patio at the Hyatt Century City - $12. Dancing next to in a hippie flash mob - PRICELESS!

separate the writer from the editor and then the editor from the critic and then dump the critic. [Karen Cushman]

Three best words: Karen Cushman:"Remake the world."

"A book becomes timeless when a story captures a moment of intimacy between author & reader." ~ Arthur Levine,

Fav quote was from Chris Rylander: "The only thing that can stop you is stopping."

"NY publishing is not going away, we're going to figure it out, it's all going to be okay." ,  

Best quote: "Raise the bar on yourself" Steven Malk- It was the best breakout I went to all weekend!

Ruta: I gave SCBWI my $80 and they gave me a best seller, a Carnegie Medal, and a Patriot Award.  

Gary Schmidt - The Writer first must ask...does the writing serve?

RT : Tips for writers/illus from : There are no shortcuts. Slow down. Focus on what you can control.

"a story without conflict is boring." --Dan Yaccarino 

RT : By pursuing this dream, we enter the realm of creative exploration, shared experience, & emotional honesty.

In the spirit of the faculty's one word chosen for , here is one word reflecting my experience: transformative. 
this summer conference has given me so much energy and inspiration. Now I'm in my hotel room writing/drawing new stories!

Jordan Brown: Write enduring stories. Find the place where the need to belong and the need for independence smack into each other

I love this conference. Not only because it create better books, but because it facilitates the return to childhood of the tribe+

Amazing conference. Heading home feeling inspired and empowered. Thank you,

After had a breakthrough w/an old pic bk ms. Rewrote from scratch in 20 min & am in LOVE, which NEVER happens. THANK YOU

Amazing intensives at . Back home and still in full blown-away mode after 's 'So what' & Gary Schmidt's 'Narrator'

Turns out the TSA is not all that impressed with my Golden Kite Award.

Have nearly my entire book trailer nailed down, thanks to and her workshop at . Now I guess I nd to finish the bk!

Completely revamped my website after 's social media workshop at . Thanks, Ellen! 

Linda Pratt: "This is not a one-size-fits-all business. Don't think that anyone else's way is the only way."  

From Arthur Levine, : "Great writers use anticipation more commonly than surprise."  

Today in a critique at , I asked a writer what she's gotten from the conference. Her response: "Courage." My heart melts & bursts.

GROOVY!!! Flash mob of 400 dancing to Age of Aquarius at conference!!!!!! (Book people know how to party.)

says there were 3 ppl she would have signed until she checked them out online. BE PROFESSIONAL!  

My most important take-away from : I can do this. 

Did I miss one of your favorite moments?  Add it in comments! 

And of course, for a more in-depth look at the conference, check out The Official SCBWI Conference Blog.

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