Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wednesday Tweet Roundup

I love my cute new tweet roundup icon. (Thanks Graham!) And I also loved many many tweets this week and, as is becoming customary on Wednesdays, I've gathered them up and organized them for your ease and reading pleasure.

Click on the Twitter handles (@name) to see the original tweets (and get to each tweeter's page should you wish to follow them). Follow the links included below to read the articles or blog posts these tweeters recommend.

A while ago Twitter changed it's question above the tweet box from "What Are You Doing?" to "What's Happening?" A piece on Mashable recently suggested that the question we're really answering is "What Topics Are We Talking About?" True! And whether you're signed up with Twitter or not, you can read tweets and click links to find helpful blog posts, useful articles, and timely news bits (like the ones below).

@thecreativepenn: One sentence summary, critiques and tips Excellent! via @RachelleGardner

@PublishingSpy: Are you ready to submit to a literary agent? | Find a Literary .. 

@meganrecords: Also applies to eds RT @bradfordlit: RT @Kid_Lit: Pros and cons of newer vs. established agents

@Janet_Reid: I have to go improve the lives of some very lucky editors who don't have anything truly amazing to read right now! #ICanFixTHAT 

@barrygoldblatt: Requested manuscript pile, you're going down! 


@DanielLiterary: Just read query w opening line,"I have written the most important book on earth" ...And that's my life, folks. Jealous? 

@elanaroth: Okay, team. Find the errors: "Please find enclosed within this e-mail a 'Query' letter and several pages of a complete manuscript."
@BostonBookGirl: Telepathic teenagers have almost joined vampires & angels on my list of plots that have to be 2x as good to get a partial request. 

@4KidLit: Conference Round-Up: The YA Voice/Spend an Afternoon with an Agent 


@ingridsundberg: Let's make a deal! An editor/agent mock book negotiation:
@ingridsundberg: Agent Day Recap: Rebecca Sherman's Do's and Don'ts of Query Writing

@leewind: It was DASTARDLY! Our SCBWI Schmooze on Villains, Antagonists & what moves YOUR Story forward!

HornBook: Boston Globe-Horn Book Awards announced

@mrschu81: The Bank Street Children's Book Committee released the  Best Children's Books of the Year, 2010 edition. 
@harperchildrens: As Simple As It Seems, Cosmic, and lots more on the New England Children's Booksellers' Spring Top 10: 

@PWKidsBookshelf: On the Greenwillow blog: when Kevin Henkes met Peter Sis (back in 1988) 

@4KidLit: The Writer's Rejection Dictionary

@BlytheWoolston: One-stop MG amazarama RT @elissacruz:  The MG group blog keep telling everyone I'm going to start. Now I have.

@sarazarr: Sign. Me. Up. (srsly, read it) RT @maureenjohnson: NEW BLOG POST!!!!! And it is literally a manifesto:
@heatherkephart: What exactly does an editor mean when he/she says they are looking for "high concept" picture books?

@JessieHarrell: one last time for today - sharing tips learned at an scbwi conference on POV  night all! 
@inkyelbows: Discovery drafts & characters. Ann Aguirre outlines her writing process on Writer Unboxed: 

@PaulaYoo: The most in-depth article I've read so far on e-publishing from WSJ. A must read! 

@PublishersWkly: BEA wrapup from Reuters: publishers agree ebooks will  
change the industry; "devices haven't caught up with content"

@mashable: Apple iBooks Gets Annotations, Bookmarks and PDFs - 

@PublishersWkly: USA Today asks: Does the iPad have the magic to bring people together? 

@librareanne: RT @MobiStories: Is A Digital Book Still A Book? 


@sarazarr: I have now written the last sentence of this chapter 47 times. #48thtimeisthecharm 


Julie Musil said...

love, love, love your round ups! thanks for doing the legwork.

SCBWI said...

Thanks Julie. I appreciate you commenting!

Carol J. Amato said...

Wonderful list! Very useful! Thanks!

Heather at My Coupon Coop said...

I love your Tweet Roundups. They're a mix of the informative, the funny, and the just plain silly. It was fun to see my name in there as well. Keep up the good work!