Tuesday, June 20, 2023

YA Authors on Instagram - 21 cool things you can do (besides say "I have a book out")

So what's an author to do over on Instagram? (Especially if you promised your kid you won't dance on it.)

Shailee Shah over at BookBub did this roundup of 25 Authors Running Fantastic Book Promotions on Instagram that provides a bunch of examples, which inspired this post -- and because all lists are subjective, I've gone ahead and added a bunch of my own favorites, too.

Check out these posts and ideas:

Elise Bryant - recommend other people's books, and model different outfits the characters might wear!

Jennifer Niven - share things you love 

Tahereh Mafi - images from launch week

Alexandra Bracken - playing both sides of a conversation with your character about their story

Kalynn Bayron - countdowns

Danielle Paige - giveaways of other people's books

Sandhya Menon - chatting with readers (with sparkles!)

Dahlia Adler - run a preorder campaign

Ransom Riggs - post inspiration images

Ryan LaSala and Nicola Yoon - share personal reflections on your author journey

Julian Winters and Angie Thomas - celebrate anniversary of a book first meeting its readers (baked goods seem important here)

Brian Selznick - share art that's being auctioned off for a cause

Rainbow Rowell - highlight fan art with your appreciation

Adam Silvera - celebrate your birthday

Laini Taylor - post on your writing process

Libba Bray - comment on absurd news (helps if it fits with the humor of your books!)

Amy Spalding - cover reveal

Federico Erebia - share good news (like starred reviews!)

Daniel Nayeri - offer an excerpt from a new book

Sasha Lamb - share images of your book in the 'wild' 

Elisabeth Acevedo - writing about and on life in a way that makes people want to read your books

screen shot of elaborate scene set up by Michel Guyon for his Archibald Finch YA series, all with books arranged to make a pheonix with Michel in the image with a magical wand
This is a bonus -- it's MG, but so cool - Michel Guyon's photo art from the Instagram feed for Archibald Finch

Michel Guyon - create elaborate images of moments from your book (with books) and put yourself in the photos!

Illustrate, Translate, and Write On,

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Natalie Aguirre said...

Thanks for sharing the list. I'm not on Instagram yet. I'll check out your lists for ideas on what I could do to help my blog, Literary Rambles.