Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Disability Dispatch: Disabled Authors Speak Their Truths

In this discussion with Keah Brown, Natalia Sylvester, and Jen Wilde, moderated by Karol Ruth Silverstein, these four disabled authors discuss their books, careers, and the joys and challenges of telling authentic disability stories for young people. If you haven't seen this SCBWI Digital Workshop yet, I highly recommend it!

As the panel description says, "Disability inclusion in children’s books is no longer niche—it’s necessary!"

screen shot from the SCBWI digital workshop panel, Disability Dispatch - full description in the blog post below

There were so many great moments in the discussion, including:

Keah Brown's response to someone telling her their book made them so angry they burned it: "Thank you for purchasing it."

And Natalia Sylvester decoding the criticism they faced when a reader wanted the book to be 'just' about disability (and not intersectional), was that reader wanting the book to more closely reflect their own white experience.

Watch the full video here.

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