Tuesday, February 14, 2023

5 moments of Inspiration and Advice from #scbwiNY23 - The SCBWI 2023 Winter Conference in New York City


"Our creative work helps us process it all, our lives." —Marla Frazee

A picture book should "deliver emotional impact," an "experience that affects reader and child/children." —Allyn Johnston

Re: Memoir, and the importance to "convey to the reader how you're feeling." —Raina Telgemeier

On AI: "I am looking to publish people, not computers." —Arthur A. Levine

"A funny thing about dreams -- when you achieve one, new ones start populating." We need to redefine success not with "lens of achievement, but with lens of connection and personal meaning." —Aisha Saeed

Check out the official SCBWI Conference blog for more takes on the conference!

And remember, you can still register for the virtual conference on Feb 25, 2023 here.

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