Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Teen Freedom-to-Read Advocates Talk with Lesléa Newman, Ellen Hopkins, and Mike Curato: "Are You Free to Read What You Want?"

Watch this 90 minute discussion, hosted by both SCBWI's Impact and Legacy Fund and the National Coalition Against Censorship.

screen shot from the YouTube video of the discussion "Are You Free To Read What You Want?"
Clockwise from top left: Lesléa Newman, Ellen Hopkins, Mike Curato, and Lin Oliver

Here's the official synopsis of the discussion:

Books play an essential role in how young people develop their identities and core values. Yet tensions around book-banning and censorship in public schools and libraries have limited their right to read what they want and need, without having to face down school boards, aggressive lobbying groups, and adults who want to control their right to information. Recorded on Wednesday November 30th the SCBWI Impact and Legacy Fund partnered with the National Coalition Against Censorship to host a critical and timely discussion: Are You Free to Read What You Want?

 Hear directly from the people most affected by attacks on intellectual freedom—high school student advocates for free speech and banned authors—as they discuss the impact of book banning on education and freedom of speech. Our renowned author panelists include Lesléa Newman, Mike Curato, and Ellen Hopkins, in conversation with high school student leaders representing the youth movement.

 It’s a frank and essential conversation. Tune in to hear the personal stories of three prominent banned authors and to participate in their interaction with outstanding student leaders.

Publishers Weekly covered the panel here, and you can watch the full recording here.

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