Tuesday, October 11, 2022

SCBWI Rebrands with a New Logo!

In this 20 minute interview, SCBWI's TeMika Grooms chats with designer Ben Loiz about the design process behind SCBWI's new logo:

scbwi's new logo, unveiled in October 2022

The journey included creating a design brief, hundreds of sketches, narrowing it down to one direction, working in Adobe Illustrator, learning more about owls and what they mean, all to "really discover what this new identity can be."

It's a fascinating behind-the-scenes discussion. One of Ben's points:

"One of the things we wanted to express is the diversity, world-wide, of the organization." and Ben further explains that there are so many kinds of owls, and that "there is an owl on every habitable continent." 

Do you see the shape of the pen nib in the design? Watch for the full explanation.

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