Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Linda Sue Park on the Scarcity Myth

The brilliant Linda Sue Park walks us through the numbers, and in under five minutes mic-drops on the Scarcity Myth. Watch the video here.

The myth is summed up pretty well with the slide shown, that reads:

Linda Sue Park, presenting a slide that reads: The Scarcity Myth: "These days, editors and agents just want to sign up #ownvoices stories, and stories by people from marginalized communities. I'm a white author. My stories are about white characters. I don't stand a chance these days."

Using statistics from the Cooperative Children's Book Center on what traditional publishers of children's and teen books are putting out in the USA, Linda Sue breaks it down!

Gratitude to Linda Sue - check out her author website here.

And thanks as well to Federico Erebia for the heads-up on this!

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