Wednesday, October 28, 2020

DW 3.6: James Ransome


James Ransome — Picture-Making From a New Perspective: Crafting Illustrations that Captivate an Audience

        There are two things you need to know in case you missed last week's Digital Workshop with James Ransome. 

One: If you think award-winning, Children's book illustrators move on to forgot the high school art teachers who made them... think again. James workshop begins by highlighting his teachers, and the importance of art education in schools. We agree, James. We totally agree. 

Two: It's all about the journey. It is so easy to think that someone like James Ransome (3 Coretta Scott King awards and a NAACP Image Award) always knew what his medium was going to be, and how he was going find success. This workshop was special, in the fact that James walked us through the steps he took in order to get to where he is today. 

A common theme of this workshop: mentors. James took many of his best tips from mentor Jerry Pinkney, learning about tracing paper and reference books. Now, they trade and share books all the time. Burt Silverman showed James the importance of shapes. 

James Ransome's work ranges, beginning with oils, then acrylics, sometimes ending in pastels — taking pieces of the lessons he's learned from illustration mentors. If you want to tune into the fine details of James' creative process, please visit our SCBWI Digital Workshop Archive here.

Don't miss tomorrow's workshop with author Eric Gansworth, "Transforming the Personal." Eric will be discussing writing from personal experience, and translating facts into a strong narrative. 

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