Thursday, January 28, 2016

Author Cecil Castelluci on How To Be A Great Art Ally

This post at Cecil's blog, How To Be A Great Art ALLY, is really worth reading. And, for us creative types, worth sharing widely with the people in our lives.

From "Pre-Order Their Stuff" to "Make Sure It's In Your Local Library Branch" to "Be A Good Literary Citizen," Cecil shares a list of ways "To be a great Art Ally for any of your author/artist friends."

And the tips are smart! Like #1,
Pre-order their stuff. Seriously. If your friend has a book (or CD or DVD or indie game or comic book) coming out pre-order it. Pre-orders give the publishing company an indication of interest and can help with print runs. Good pre-orders sometimes help a book because the publishing company may give a book a little push with extra marketing money and publicity based on those numbers.
Check out the full list here.

And let's all be great Art Allies to each other, and spread the word on exactly how to do it!

Thanks, Cecil!

Illustrate and Write On,

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