Tuesday, July 7, 2015

On The Future Of Publishing: Emma Dryden

Emma Dryden

Freelance Editor and Children's Literature Legend Emma Dryden, in this latest episode of the SCBWI Conversations podcast series, speaks to Theo Baker about her journey into and with children's books.

In a conversation that covers editing, voice and even tips on revision, this moment of wisdom, on the future of publishing (at 33 minutes in), called out to be shared:

"...Here's the thing about changes in publishing. You know what? This is becoming the new normal. I don't think that at some specific date, everything is going to calm down and we will then be in a new age of publishing with all the rules clearly stated. I think we are in a state of flux, as the world is, as we are as people. And so it's a given, let's say, there's going to be a lot of different theories about e-books, about digital, and about best practices..."
                           --Emma Dryden

You can learn more about Emma at her Drydenbks website here.

Emma will also be on faculty at the upcoming 2015 SCBWI Summer Conference, co-facilitating a Friday morning workshop with Rana Diorio and Alison Weiss, "Small Presses: Though They Be Small They Be Fierce." Emma will also be giving a Saturday afternoon workshop on "Self-Publishing: Ten (or More) Things To Consider When Considering Self-Publishing." Her "Robust Revision" writers intensive (that she mentions in the podcast interview) is sold out.

If you'd like the chance to learn from Emma and all the amazing faculty at #LA15SCBWI, join us from July 31-Aug 3, 2015 in Los Angeles. You'll find details and registration information here.

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