Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Amazon buys Goodreads - three views of what that means

The recent purchase of Goodreads by Amazon has made for some fascinating analysis:

Andrew Rhomberg at Digital Book World looks at the social strength of goodreads and predicts the major changes we can expect in the aftermath of this acquisition.

Jordan Weissmann at The Atlantic focuses on the 'superfans' that Amazon just acquired, with some wild statistics about how 19% of Americans do 79% of our non-required book reading (and many more figures and charts.)

And on NPR's Weekend Edition Saturday, host Scott Simon discussed the purchase with Wall Street Journal reporter Greg Bensinger, looking at issues of privacy and how some goodreads members have said they're not going to stay hooked into the social network once it is part of amazon.

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Shannon Morgan said...

Thanks for putting this together, Lee! I've been thinking about the implications of this.