Friday, April 12, 2013

The 2013 SCBWI Summer Conference Schedule Is UP! Get Ready, Registration Opens April 18, 2013!

The Schedule is UP!

There's a panel on World Building in YA novels and we get to hear Laurie Halse Anderson and David Wiesner back to back... and that's just a little bit of what's happening on Friday!  And throughout the conference's three days there are over 80 workshops to choose from!

The Faculty is ANNOUNCED!

(It includes agents Jenny Bent, Mela Bolinao, Ginger Clark, Jill Corcoran, Steven Malk, Jennifer Rofe and Joanne Volpe, editors Bonnie Bader, Donna Bray, Gill Evans, Allyn Johnston, Arthur A. Levine, Arianne Lewin, Melissa Manlove, Krista Marino, Molly O’Neill, Namrata Tripathi and Andrea Welch, and art directors Giuseppe Castellano, Laurent Linn,  Kristin Nobles and Cecilia Young, and even more stars of children's literature!)

The Monday Intensives will be AMAZING, there is a portfolio showcase as well as individual manuscript and portfolio consultations!  There are Friday night socials (Illustrators, International, LGBTQ Q&A and Nonfiction) and there's the Saturday night gala, THE BLACK AND WHITE BALL...

Three days, plus a fourth intensive day on Monday August 5, packed with business, craft, inspiration, community and opportunity!  There's so much information to pour over and get excited about.

Go now to the conference information pages at  Check it out.  Make sure your membership is current so you get your registration discount.

And get ready for an incredible #LA13SCBWI! (That's twitter-talk for The 2013 SCBWI Summer Conference!)

Remember, registration opens Thursday April 18, 2013 at 10am Pacific Time.  The Intensives - and in fact, the entire conference, sell out year after year, so make sure you get your spot!

We hope to see you there.

Illustrate and Write On,

ps - Want to share about the part of the conference you're really excited about?  Or tell us what you're going to wear to the Black and White Ball?  Leave a comment here!

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Dow said...

Everything! I am excited about everything, as this will be my first International SCBWI Summer Conference. :)