Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Acknowledgements Page as... a weapon?

This article, Acknowledgement Pages Say More Than Thanks, by Keir Graff at booklistonline is brilliantly funny.

Keir calls the piece "...a crash course in writing an acknowledgements page that allows you to wear the guise of a humble and gracious scribe while, in reality, letting every writer who is less successful know exactly how much more successful you are."

It's packed with wisdom like,

"Ideally, your research will be reflected in your writing—but, just in case it isn’t, be sure to mention it all here."


"...thank the proprietor of your special writing getaway, the place you go when it’s just four weeks to deadline, where you write around the clock in sheltered anonymity. It doesn’t matter whether this is a pensione in Venice or a cabin in Appalachia. The point is that most writers are just desperate for an hour away from their damn kids; your ability to leave town at will will have them drooling with envy."

The article had me laughing out loud... At the same time, it had me thinking about how different writers tackle their acknowledgements page.  And how in the most entertaining of them, the author's voice is still there, loud and clear.

Take a few minutes, and go through some of your favorite books - and check out the acknowledgements.
Who will you thank, and how will you approach the acknowledgments page of your next book?

Good stuff to consider.

Illustrate and Write On,

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