Thursday, October 4, 2012

Publishers Weekly "Books I Love" Series... and an Exercise!

Publishers Weekly has started a column where authors like Libba Bray share the books that have been important for them... and why.

Books I Love: Libba Bray is, like Libba herself and her books, searingly honest and funny (or is it searingly funny and honest?) It's her takes on ten books that made her laugh, made her wistful, made her love gothic, and made her "understand the power of story to witness, to fight back, to unite, to heal, and to transform."

It's an exercise well worth doing:  What are the ten books that have shaped YOU as a writer?  As an illustrator? 

PW describes the series as: "Books I Love is a series where writers talk about the books that inspired them, the books they keep coming back to, and the books they'll always remember."  

Write out the list of your favorites (and why) and see what you learn about yourself as an artist.  Then let us know here in comments how it went.  Did you learn anything?  See a pattern you hadn't considered before?  Is there something your favorite books share that you could add to a work-in-progress?  Let us know!

Illustrate and Write On,

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