Tuesday, January 25, 2022

World Reading Habits in 2021 - Fascinating Stuff from the Folks at Global English Editing

A screen shot of part of the "World Reading Habits in 2021" Infographic, showing Reading Habits in the United States and the top part of Reading Habits in Europe

So there's a lot of info to be gleaned in this giant infographic from Global English Editing, like:

•Millennials read the most books of any generation

•Romance is the most popular genre in the US for adult readers

•The list of four countries that report 100% literacy rates does not include the US (The four are Andorra, Luxembourg, Norway, and Liechtenstein.)

•66% of readers "believe printed books offer a more unique and fulfilling reading experience than e-books."

•More than half (50-53%) of kids between the ages of 6-17 borrow books from school or public libraries.

Check out the full infographic on "World Reading Habits in 2021" here.

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