Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Do you have a writing schedule? Inspiration (and quite the example) from Ines Johnson on the BookBub Partners Blog

 The article is about the steps Ines took to figure out "How I Make Six Figures as a Self-Published Author." 

What I found most fascinating in the description of lessons earned and learned was Ines discussing how she assigns herself a certain amount of writing on a daily basis. While Inez was doing this for her own publishing schedule, it's something all of us writers - however we're published - face. 

When's that next book going to be ready to give to your agent, or your editor? What are your readers' expectations?

“The next place I failed was in setting reader expectations. Sometimes I put out a book a month for three months. Other times, I only put out three books a year. I lost readers and then gained new ones only to lose them again. I had to learn it wasn’t about speed. It was about showing up on time and when you were expected.” —Ines Johnson

Ines writes by chapters. And shares that, "When I finish a chapter, I reward myself with stickers or a doodle."

“Once you know how many words (or chapters) you can write in an hour, day, or month, then you will have a gauge of your publishing schedule for the year, set reader expectations, and then meet them.” –Ines Johnson

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