Thursday, March 19, 2020

Sharing Our Notebooks - Inspiration for Starting (Or Improving) Your Own

Author and Poet Amy Ludwig VanDerwater's Sharing Our Notebooks blog offers inspiration...
Hi Writers! I know that some of you are home from school these days, and I hope you will find some new notebooking ideas here. I love keeping a notebook for writing, for drawing, for making a place for ideas and dreams and wishes and facts and feelings. This blog is home to many peeks into others' notebooks, and in each post you will find photos, notebooking-thoughts, and an idea to try. Feel free to poke around, notebook by your side, and explore your own brain and heart. Sometimes we don't know what we really think until we write.

Check out the many, many different approachese to starting or improving your own notebooking. (I call mine a journal.)

Illustrate and Write On,

p.s.: Thanks to Kate Messner and her excellent round-up of resources, Read, Wonder, and Learn, for sharing this.

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