Tuesday, July 19, 2016

"BOATS FOR PAPA" Golden Kite-Winning Book Giveaway & Conference Countdown

Only 10 more days until #LA16SCBWI! (Which is sold out!)

To celebrate, we'll be giving away a copy of Jessixa Bagley's "Boats For Papa," which won the 2016 Golden Kite Award for Picture Book Text.

"Buckley and his mama live in a cozy cabin by the sea. He loves to carve boats out of the driftwood he finds on the beach nearby. He makes big boats, long boats, short boats, and tall boats, each one more beautiful than the last, and sends them out to sea. If they don't come back, he knows they've found their way to his papa, whom he misses very much."

To enter, just leave your best question for Jessixa about the picture book she wrote and illustrated in comments below, and I'll choose one winning question to ask Jessixa at the conference. The author of that winning question will also win a copy of "Boats For Papa."

Ready to play?

Okay, Go!


jpetroroy said...

Which current picture book author/illustrator do you admire the most? Why?

Unknown said...

How did you perfect your watercolor technique in this book? I love the parts where the watercolor has spread and created those edges that come from colors pooling and drying...was that hard to achieve? It's the perfect look for the sand and the beach!

Cherie Ballog said...

What comes easier for you...the writing or the illustrating?

Darshana said...

First thanks for writing such a visually beautiful and heartfelt story. Did you know the heart of this story when you first started or did it evolve over time? What was the hardest part of creating this story?

Unknown said...

What's the most interesting thing you've ever found on a beach?