Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Twitter Highlights of #NY16SCBWI

What a conference!

Here are some moments that resonated for me and others, in no particular order, as captured on Twitter:

Tips from Rita Wiliams-Garcia: Don't isolate yourself. Find your community. Don't fear doubt. Don't not hear criticism.

Jacqueline Mitchard reminds us to leave our readers "with one last gasp." A true Valentines Day emotion.

"You are my tribe. You are my friend, even if I don't know you yet." --Jane Yolen.

Cheering the ⭐️AMAZECAKES⭐️ SCBWI Team Blog! THANKS for making it possible for everybody who can't be here to kinda be, guys! 😄

Standing ovation for the SCBWI staff. Much deserved!

An agent once fired for not switching a book into the first person. Bet that person's sad now.

Kate Messner & Linda Urban reminded us to look at each other in a room "filled with magic": creativity, support & encouragement!

"Going full-on Tolkien" is my new favorite phrase for writing too much description, coined by .

Everybody is reading kids books. It's not just kids reading kids' books. - Mallory Loehr, VP of Random House

"Color choices are like music, you can have loud and soft areas" - 's ex. of Sasek + Keats

Diversity is not a fad or a trend but the right thing to do to reflect the world around you. - Sarah Davies

Part of revision is having the courage to let go of almost anything that's in your first draft says

"You are the ambassador of Planet You." Starting w/ the AMAZING William Joyce . Here we go!

Forge your own Trend, Don't Follow one. This is what I'm taking away from

Intensive Gem: "You write the book for you... you work with an editor to make it even more you." -Gary Schmidt

"Things that seem small to us as adults are huge to teens." Their problems matter. ~

Elements Alvina Ling looks for in plot: believability, pacing, high stakes, and emotional impact.

There are no rules you can never break - Liz Bicknell, Candlewick

Children's books are mini art galleries. -

Another reason to love is meeting my idols. Thank you !!

on with Sarah Davies: listen to children, their quirky logic, you've got to develop your middle grade voice

Kate Messner & Linda Urban showed us how to get our butts OUT of chair

When you have writer's block, go on a hike or a walk per says play music

Feeling the love with my publishing peeps!

What I've discovered so far at - Lin Oliver is a comedic genius and my new hero. 🙌🏼

Brought to tears at by Gary D. Schmidt. Kidlit writers need to show up for the kids who need someone to do just that.

What were YOUR favorite moments/tweets/quotes? Tell us in comments!

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Kristin Lenz said...

Thanks for the round-up, especially since I'm not on Twitter! ! Gary Schmidt moved me to tears when he spoke at the LA conference a few years ago.