Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Twitter Highlights From #LA15SCBWI

What a conference!

Whether you were able to attend or not, The Official SCBWI Conference Blog has 87 posts featuring conference moments, insights, quotes and highlights.

Another great way to get a taste of this weekend of craft, business, inspiration, opportunity and community is to access the conversation on social media with the conference hashtag, #LA15SCBWI.

So, to get a sense of what resonated widely, here's a dozen of the most popular tweets of #LA15SCBWI:

Steven Malk ‏@stevenmalk Aug 2 Here's the wonderful @deborahwiles accepting her @scbwi Golden Kite award for Revolution. So very proud! #LA15SCBWI

Martha Brockenbrough ‏@mbrockenbrough Aug 2 Shannon Hale is cracking the audience up, which is so weird because women aren't funnyTM. (KIDDING!) #la15scbwi

Genetta Adair ‏@GenettaAdair Aug 2 "Boys feel totally justified in mocking girls stuff. What kind of culture have we set up?" @haleshannon on gender in kid lit #LA15SCBWI

scbwi ‏@scbwi Aug 1 Sparkling and shining. #LA15SCBWI

Rotem Moscovich ‏@Spanish_Broom Aug 1 Unicorn's got fans at #LA15SCBWI ✨@bobshea @DisneyHyperion @SOLurie

Jolie Stekly ‏@cuppajolie Aug 1 Jenny Bent: Be helpful. The more you give back to this community, the more you have to gain. #LA15SCBWI

jen rofĂ© ‏@jenrofe Aug 1 So proud of my agent colleagues on the panel. I freakin' love my job. #LA15SCBWI @barrygoldblatt @bbowen949 @AgentPenfold @jennybent

scbwi ‏@scbwi Aug 1 "Don't give up" Dan Santat #pubtips #LA15SCBWI

Jolie Stekly ‏@cuppajolie Jul 31 Meg Wolitzer: What we remember from books isn’t plot but character. #LA15SCBWI

Danielle M. Smith ‏@the1stdaughter Jul 31 "Would a child give a damn about this book?" - Mem Fox, tough things we have to ask as children's writers. #LA15SCBWI

Martha Brockenbrough ‏@mbrockenbrough Jul 31 "The reader will feel a certain emotion because the author felt it first." -- Mem Fox #la15scbwi

Laurent Linn ‏@LaurentLinn Jul 31 Here's what 1200 energized #kidlit illustrators & writers look like at #LA15SCBWI -- it begins! @scbwi

Add YOUR favorite moment - from the conference or from twitter - in comments!

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