Thursday, March 12, 2015

If Strangers Talked To Everybody Like They Talk To Writers - A fun article by Lincoln Michel

Lincoln Michel, writing over at Electric Lit, puts it so well. What if the career advice strangers gave writers was the way strangers talked to other professionals?

Some highlights of Lincoln's musing:

"Ah, a middle school teacher? Have I met any of the students you've ever taught?"

"An accountant? Wow, I haven't even looked at a number since high school."

"Software programmer? Like, for actual computers sold in stores or just as a hobby?"

and maybe my favorite:

"Menswear designer for J. Crew? Interesting. Have you tried selling your clothes yourself on Etsy instead? I hear people are making millions self-designing on the internet these days."

It's funny, but even more than that, it's poignant. Because we hear this kind of thing all the time.

Check out the full article here.

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Leandra Wallace said...

Heh, that is funny! Thanks for the link.