Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Mac Barnett: Why a good book is a secret door

Award-winning children's book author Mac Barnett  gave an amazing keynote back at the 2013 SCBWI Summer Conference. Last week, Mac's TED talk was released online ...and it's both fascinating and inspirational:

So much of this resonated for me:

The liminal space of art on that Venn diagram.

"We know these characters aren't real but we have real feelings about them."


"It's this little bit of fiction that's colonized the real world."

What resonates for you?

Thanks to agent Danielle Smith for the heads-up on this!

Illustrate and Write On,

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Book Mama said...

I don't listen to a whole lot of TED talks, but that one was pretty great. Loved the energy, creativity and imagination that Mac threw into the space for kids and also into his books. The Venn diagram is definitely a good thing to remember as I think of characters that I want kids to hold on to and believe in...and leave messages for, like Niko!