Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Twitter View of #NY14SCBWI

Like a photo album of words (with some pictures, too), twitter lays out snapshot moments from the 2014 SCBWI Winter Conference.

Between twitter, the inspirational quotes on tumblr

and The Official Conference Blog,

you can triangulate and get a taste of the conference experience.  And for those of us fortunate enough to have attended #NY14SCBWI, it's a way to re-live the highlights.

Here are some of those twitter highlights:

Harold Underdown ‏@HUnderdown Feb 20 RT @scbwi: The lobby at the Grand Hyatt is getting Seuss-a-fied for #NY14SCBWI as linoliver looks on. http://instagram.com/p/kpSbF-NhkL/

Alexandra Penfold ‏@AgentPenfold Feb 21 Great morning @scbwi! Let's get the intensives party started! #NY14SCBWI

CeCe Yuan ‏@ceceyuan219 Feb 21 Day 1 #scbwi in NYC: Do trust your reader from the first line. Don't over explain. #kidslit #WritingTips pic.twitter.com/aWDIaCs3SJ

scbwi ‏@scbwi Feb 21 How does Tomie turn complicated subjects into gestures? Deep knowledge of his subject. #NY14SCBWI

SweetTooth ‏@OneSweetWriter Feb 21 Writing action and emotional plots. @scbwi

Susan Willett ‏@CompletelySusan Feb 21 Overheard at the #SCBWI conference. "Everybody here is serious." Darn right. #NY14SCBWI

Wendy Parris ‏@wlparri Feb 21 “@CompletelySusan: Heard at the SCBWI conference: "You have to earn your ghost." Love it! #NY14SCBWI @JillSantopolo” hey that was mine:)

Kim Piddington ‏@kim_pid Feb 21 Harold Underdown discussing revision mapping: condensed manuscripts, outlines, book maps, & grids, at the SCBWI Winter Conference

dee ardelean ‏@DeeArdelean Feb 22 @scbwi #NY14SCBWI Lin Oliver is hilarious!!! Love her!!

Kim Piddington ‏@kim_pid Feb 22 Some statistics:1,085 attendees from 47 states and 20 countries at the SCBWI Winter Conference.

Kim Piddington ‏@kim_pid Feb 22 Go SCBWI team blog led by Lee Wind #NY14SCBWI

SCBWI INW ‏@SCBWI_INW Feb 22 MT @omrinavot: "A strong character will carry a weak plot, but a strong plot will not carry a weak character." Jack Gantos #NY14SCBWI

Michelle Parker-Rock ‏@MichlParkerRock Feb 22 Jack Gantos (DEAD END IN NORVELT) delivered humor & great writing advice this a.m. A treat for SCBWI Conference attendees. #NY14SCBWI

michelle lopez ‏@MamaFrenchie Feb 22 Just heard @AbbiGlines speak at #SCBWI conference. Very inspiring for newbie writers/authors, social media is key!

Noemi Gamel ‏@GeekyWriterGirl Feb 22 “@scbwi: What do you do if your book gets banned? http://www.scbwi.org/banned-books/ #NY14SCBWI” -- TY. The novel I'm writing may very well be at risk.

Martha Mihalick ‏@MarthaMihalick 6h Tip for illustrators for next year's @SCBWI portfolio showcase. ALWAYS have a postcard for us to take away. & postcard > business card.

Kate Messner ‏@KateMessner Feb 21 Jane Yolen's one rule in writing: figure out your own way, and when it doesn't work, REINVENT. #NY14SCBWI pic.twitter.com/FdgeZ9ucKI

Daniel Lazar ‏@DanLazarAgent Feb 22 Well, I can finally say I made it to Carnegie Hall. Har, har! #NY14SCBWI @scbwi pic.twitter.com/BRzlQMEEKE

Mark Mattson ‏@mattsonStudio Feb 22 @LaurentLinn Thanks so much for such a great breakout session at SCBWI! (And I liked the visual effects, incidentally)

scbwi ‏@scbwi Feb 22 Historical fiction tip #7 Make Connections: relate story to experiences kids are having now. Kendra Levin, Editor @VikingChildrens

scbwi ‏@scbwi Feb 22 Your job doesn't end when you put the last period on your manuscript. You have to research the best home for it. Marisa Polansky, Scholastic

Toby Emert ‏@ProfEmert Feb 22 The cumulative effects of professional courtesy are immeasurable, @EWein2412, YA author, says in her talk at #SCBWI 14. #NY14SCBWI

Rebecca Cassity ‏@RACassity Feb 22 Heard many inspirational speeches today at the SCBWI Winter Conference! #NY14SCBWI pic.twitter.com/i02TUaVD0l

Juris P. Prudence ‏@JpPrudence Feb 22 I learned a ton today during Dan Lazar and Sara Shandler's SCBWI workshops. @DanLazarAgent @sarashandler @scbwi #NY14SCBWI #kidsbooks

Susan Willett ‏@CompletelySusan Feb 23 I just sang happy birthday to @JaneYolen @scbwi #NY14SCBWI

H Knight Richard ‏@hknightrichard Feb 23 Take your vitamins people. - Tomie's words of wisdom. @scbwi #ny14scbwi

SCBWI Metro NY ‏@SCBWIMetroNY Feb 22 #NY14SCBWI Write bravely. Write honestly. That is your job. - Ellen Hopkins on censorship.

Martha Brockenbrough ‏@mbrockenbrough Feb 22 "Reading is a safe way to explore the world. If you're concerned, read with your child." --Joan Berlin #NY14SCBWI

scbwi ‏@scbwi Feb 23 First takeaway from The Art of the Picture Book panel: you have to be willing to throw everything away if it's not working. #NY14SCBWI

Ilene W. ‏@IWGregorio Feb 23 The inimitable, amazing @KateMessner brings the house down while imparting a great lesson to #writers #NY14SCBWI pic.twitter.com/NhKCbNGzbc

Cindy Schrauben ‏@CindySchrauben 2h From the NYC-SCBWI conf: @KateMessner said: Lesson #1 Be Brave! But it's okay to be afraid. If you're not nervous, it's not worth doing.

Kathleen Bradshaw ‏@KathleenBradsha Feb 23 Hey @SCBWI_SoBreeze ! Our own Lori Nichols wins NY14SCBWI Portfolio award! Congratulations Lori!

Jessixa Bagley ‏@MeatfaceSays Feb 23 GIGANTIC congrats to my crazy talented friend @BrookeBHughes for getting runner up at the NY SCBWI portfolio showcase!!! #NY14SCBWI

Margaret Peot ‏@MargaretPeot 22h Kate Messner quotes J. Shedd at the SCBWI conference, "A ship in harbor is safe. But that is not what ships were built for"#NY14SCBWI

CAtkinson ‏@word_working Feb 23 #NY14SCBWI Nikki Grime: "Young readers deserve great books....and the key to that is patience." #amwriting #writing #kidlit @scbwi

Martha Brockenbrough ‏@mbrockenbrough Feb 23 And scene. Thank you @scbwi people. That was a great conference! Go here for a bit of inspiration: http://scbwiblog.tumblr.com/

Mike Curato ‏@MikeCurato 6h Went on a mad shopping spree in @SCBWI bookstore. Realizing I have no more shelves to put them on! #NY14SCBWI #needprivatelibrary

Raƒe ℙosey ‏@ponyonabalcony 6h @omrinavot @drydenbks Seconded -- what a way to be introduced to SCBWI! *basks in awesomeness of conference*

Katie Kath ‏@kathk_me 6h Waiting for my flight back home from NY, with beautiful SCBWI memories to take back with me #NY14SCBWI #CityLife

Kim Piddington ‏@kim_pid 8h #NY14SCBWI heading home with renewed enthusiasm, oodles of new ideas & a passel of new friends-thank you SCBWI for exceeding my expectations

Richard Due ‏@RichardDue 17h Back from SCBWI in NYC. Great workshops; fantastic panel discussions; very successful intensives. Best conference yet! #SCBWI

Kimberly Marcus ‏@kmarcuswrites 9h Up and writing. .@SCBWIMetroNY .@scbwi #amwriting #inspiration #NY14SCBWI

Happy Idiot ‏@happyidiots 4h @scbwi Thank you for all the amazing work and dedication in creating what is the event I look forward to every year! #takeabow #NY14SCBWI

lily malcom ‏@lil_design 17h Big thanks to the crew behind #NY14SCBWI. So happy to have been a part of it and had a such great time! @scbwi

John Brush ‏@johndbrush 20h Met so many great people this weekend. The @scbwi conference was incredible. Excited to meet more of my @SCBWIMetroNY members soon!

H Knight Richard ‏@hknightrichard Feb 23 so much to love about @scbwi. not only are children's book writers amazing people, they have big hearts. Go to an SCBWI conference!

Ame Dyckman ‏@AmeDyckman 19h Had THE BEST time at #NY14SCBWI! Learned, laughed, loved-hugged EVERYBODY!-& had SO much fun! THX, @scbwi, for another AWESOME Conference!

Lauren(BStBibliop..) ‏@BStBibliophile 18h Gantos made us laugh, @KateMessner made us cry. @JaneYolen was a lyricist Grimes' poems made us sigh. Thank you so much @scbwi! #NY14SCBWI

and the final tweet goes to:

Kimberly Sabatini ‏@KimSabatini Feb 23 Oh yes, 1000+ writers and illustrators are signing Aretha's RESPECT with @KateMessner That's how we roll at @scbwi

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