Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Twitter View Of #LA13SCBWI

The tweets from the 2013 SCBWI Summer Conference are a time capsule of the last four days.  Below I've shared some tweets that jumped out at me.

Even if you're not on twitter, you can check out the the full #la13scbwi stream here, and of course, visit The Official SCBWI Conference Blog for videos, photos, and all the reports from the conference keynotes and sessions!

scbwi @scbwi
Laurie Halse Anderson on the difficulty of writing: "All you have to do is be brave today" @halseanderson #LA13SCBWI

scbwi ‏@scbwi
Gill Evans assures all us storytellers that we will always be needed, regardless of the digital earthquakes in publishing. #LA13SCBWI

Alexandra Little ‏@alex_writing
"Be nice to assistants. They'll hold your career in their hands sooner than you think." - @stevenmalk #LA13SCBWI

Suzanne Del Rizzo ‏@SuzanneDelRizzo
Totally pumped after attending a fantastic talk by @LaurentLinn. I can see why @debbieohi raves about him. #LA13SCBWI

K A T ‏@fKatUsedCharm
#PeterLarangis "middle grade is forever" #LA13SCBWI #writers #author

ann malaspina ‏@writerann
Amazing talk on "setting" by Deborah Halverson.#LA13SCBWI

RT @LindaJoySinglet Kirby Lawson advises: "Screw up your courage and tell the story you were meant to tell. #LA13SCBWI

Rana DiOrio ‏@ranadiorio
@826_Valencia is a high-end pirate boutique in the front and a tutoring center in the back. ~ @macburnett #LA13SCBWI

Cynthia ‏@CynthiaSociety
A favorite quote came from Laurie Halse Anderson's keynote: "We are the antidote to the disappointing grown-ups of the world." #LA13SCBWI

Julia Shahin Collard ‏@JuliaCollard
Unexpectedly finding a moment of quiet in the middle of #LA13SCBWI conference's crazy Saturday = priceless. But then I had to tweet abt it.

Martha Brockenbrough ‏@mbrockenbrough
"My goal as a writer is to show moments of grace and dignity of people growing up on the wrong side of the tracks." @mattdelapena #LA13SCBWI

Holly Tucker ‏@history_geek
“@ktubb: "As soon as you start a story, you've started the ending." Editor Melissa Manlove #LA13SCBWI”

Courtney C Stevens ‏@Quartland
"A good writer leaves a question unanswered (at the end) without undoing the story."--Krista Marino on Plot #LA13SCBWI

Christine Alemshah ‏@C_Alemshah
Brainstorming one of my PB's in the lobby at #LA13SCBWI after feeling inspired by @macbarnett and @Jon_Scieszka. And yes there is a battle!

Kathryn Holmes ‏@Kathryn_Holmes
After a breakout session on plot, I am sitting on the hotel balcony looking out over LA, outlining the beats of my novel. Woohoo! #LA13SCBWI

Ginger Clark ‏@Ginger_Clark
SO MANY PENGUINS at the gala tonight! I kept trying to ask them how the merger was going. #la13scbwi

Claudia Pearson ‏@pearsoncrz
#LA13SCBWI Agent panel: We got into this because we love books, not because we thought we would make a lot of money doing this.

 Jessica Love ‏@_JessicaLove
Henry Winkler says, "If you will it, it is not a dream." I LOVE this! #LA13SCBWI

Mandi J. Reed ‏@reed_mandi
Such an amazing experience for a student writer (and anyone else)! Thank you SCBWI! #LA13SCBWI

Kris Anne ‏@KrisAnne74
Lin Oliver signed my books for me earlier. She is so warm and friendly. Thanks Lin! #la13scbwi

Jodi Kendall ‏@Jodi_Kendall
leaving #LA13SCBWI armed with inspiration to create, knowledge on craft, friendships new & old, and the motivation to push forward.

 Lou Ann Barnett ‏@LouannBarnett
 Just warm and glowing....something wonderful about being around people who write for kids! #LA13SCBWI

Laura Purdie Salas ‏@LauraPSalas
Thank you, @scbwi, for donating 500 copies of A LEAF CAN BE... to underserved readers through First Book. So grateful! #LA13SCBWI

Carissa Mina ‏@CarissaMina
#LA13SCBWI was so inspiring! I have a slew of great ideas and was also able to come up with an ending to my PB!

Jaime Temairik ‏@jaimetem
"Intensives are always my favorite part of the conference, I learn so much at them." -- hardest working man in #kidlit @dsantat

Marla Frazee ‏@MarlaFrazee
This world that is #LA13SCBWI is going to be very hard to leave. Favorited by Lisa Yee

Jen Shulman ‏@jenshulman
Leaving #LA13SCBWI with new friends, inspiration, ideas, techniques, tools, and pride.

charlotte huang ‏@charlottexhuang
#LA13SCBWI ended on a very high note. @mattdelapena's intensive was well worth it!

Tracy Bishop ‏@TracyBishopArt
@LauraZarrin I filled up the entire little sketchbook with #LA13SCBWI stuff!

K Sanders ‏@KeikoWrites
FINALLY home to my own bed after a fantastic #LA13SCBWI, can I say how excited I zzzzzz....

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