Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Twitter View of #NY13SCBWI

So many moments are still resonating for me!

Whether you attended or not, there's lots to gain from looking back over the 14th Annual SCBWI Winter Conference through the lens of twitter.

The top re-tweeted tweets are..

Martha Brockenbrough ‏@mbrockenbrough "Always think of your audience. Never think for your audience." - Mo Willems #NY13SCBWI

Kit Grindstaff ‏@kitgrindstaff It's not about getting your book published. It's about what those books can DO ~ J Andrews & EW Hamilton. #whywewriteforkids TY.#ny13SCBWI

Lee Wind ‏@leewind "art is hard work... take the time and look at yourself and enjoy what you do." - Isabel Warren-Lynch at #ny13scbwi

Alex Brown ‏@gravity_fail09 "Overnight success usually means nine years of work beforehand." - Molly O'Neill on comparing other writers' stories to your own #NY13SCBWI

Leila Easa ‏@hypnagogica #NY13SCBWI @molly_oneill favorite advice: "Stop trying to write to the market. Write what's emotionally true to you.

Martha Brockenbrough ‏@mbrockenbrough Mary Brown: What parents will buy for kids is totally different than what schools will buy. @glenrockbooks #NY13SCBWI

Lee Wind ‏@leewind "When I was a teenager, I was exactly the right age to have my life changed by books." -Meg Rosoff #ny13scbwi

Brooks Sherman ‏@byobrooks "A robust independent bookselling community is absolutely crucial." --Jon Fine, dir. of author & publisher relations, Amazon #NY13SCBWI

margot miller ‏@margotmiller "It took me 8 years from the dummy to the time of publishing. Just hang in there. Be tenacious" - Barbara McClintock #NY13SCBWI

Cathy Nolan ‏@cnolanart #NY13SCBWI "Your deep style is the intersection of all the other styles you adopt" Illustrator Shaun Tan

But you can search the entire twitter stream for #ny13scbwi and find lots more wonderful gems, like these:

Jodi Kendall ‏@Jodi_Kendall Mo Willems on picture books: "We're trying to make stories that are going to be read a milliondy billiondy times." #NY13SCBWI

Mimi Cross ‏@mimicross Line for Shaun Tan is not a line but a spiral-- makes sense. #authorbooksigning #NY13SCBWI

 Claudia Pearson ‏@pearsoncrz #NY13SCBWI fabulous conference - can't wait to get home and start writing. Oh wait, I can start now

 Emily Jiang ‏@EmilyJiang I just spent almost 10 minutes fangirling about Julie Andrews to Shaun Tan. He is a very kind and patient listener. #ny13scbwi

 Jessica Lanan ‏@jalanan "We don't write books to be read. We write books to be read a milliondy billiondy times." #MoWillems #NY13SCBWI

 Leila Easa ‏@hypnagogica Shaun Tan: "The action all takes place in the gaps between the pictures and the silence surrounding the page." #NY13SCBWI

 Elena Perez ‏@elenabooks first time attending as a published author is cool, but meeting people who know my work? Superthrill #ny13scbwi

 Martha Brockenbrough ‏@mbrockenbrough SCBWI member Bridget Zinn died two years ago. Her first novel, POISON, comes out next month: http://tinyurl.com/btv2lzr #poison #NY13SCBWI

 Kim Harrington ‏@Kim_Harrington I love this. RT @mbrockenbrough "Fail big if you have to, but go down trying." - Margaret Peterson Haddix #NY13SCBWI

 Genetta Adair ‏@GenettaAdair "Tell the story you've been afraid of." Margaret Peterson Haddix #ny13scbwi

 Stacy Mozer ‏@smozer Jane Yolen: The best thing you can do for your career is to join @scbwi #NY13SCBWI

 Lee Wind ‏@leewind "You won't get fame and fortune if you ignore the deadline." -Tomie dePaola #ny13scbwi

 Emily Jiang ‏@EmilyJiang Editor from Simon Pulse says there are very few books subbed with gay characters and they want more. #ny13scbwi

 Kris Dinnison ‏@krisdinnison "The truths I'm most interested in are the ones that can't be spoken about directly." -Shaun Tan @scbwi #NY13SCBWI Wow

As you can see, it's really easy to get carried away - there are hundreds of tweets, and it's a great resource to get a taste of what happened, remember wonderful moments, and be inspired...

How about you?  Have you blogged about YOUR conference take-aways or experience?  If so, leave us a comment and a link here in comments!


Jody Casella said...

Had an amazing time at the conference and am still processing everything I learned. Always good to remember, again, why I write for children.


The Pen and Ink Blogspot said...

It sounds like a fabulous event, but I expected no less.

Kimberly Sabatini said...

I had an amazing time, but I always do. *grin* Here's the first part of my conference recap...

The 14th Annual SCBWI Winter Conference February1-3, 2013 Part 1 http://kimberlysabatini.com/blog/2013/02/the-14th-annual-scbwi-winter-conference-february-1-3-2013-part-1/

Andrea Mack said...

It was my first time attending a big SCBWI conference and wow! What an amazing experience.


Kimberly Sabatini said...

I've got the second half of my blog coverage here...

The 14th Annual SCBWI Winter Conference February 1-3, 2013--Part 2