Thursday, February 28, 2013

The First-Ever SCBWI Europolitan Conference will be in Paris, March 29-30, 2013!

Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Geneva or maybe Zurich

Do they sound like great vacation destinations or the host cities for SCBWI conferences? They’re both!

The SCBWI Europolitan Conference 2013 will be in Paris, March 29-30, with optional activities on Thursday and Sunday. For all the details, please visit our conference website.

For the first time, regions across Europe are organizing this joint event with plans to hold the conference every two years in a different city. So, on even years, you can look forward to the SCBWI stand at the Bologna Book Fair and on odd years ....

You’ll have this bijou-- small, with around 40 attendees; brilliant, with sparkling faculty members from Europe, the UK and the US; and priceless, with endless ideas to improve your skills and submit your work anywhere in the world.

The conference faculty are amazing: editors and agents, art directors, illustrators and authors!

So, visit Paris this spring and come to the first-ever Europolitan Conference.

For readers of the SCBWI Blog, register by March 3, 2013 and receive extended early bird prices.

Guest post by Tioka Tokedira, Regional Advisor SCBWI France

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