Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cynthia Leitich Smith's Great Resources for Writers and Illustrators

Cynthia Leitich Smith is a powerhouse.  She is the New York Times and Publishers Weekly best-selling author of the TANTALIZE series and FERAL series. Her award-winning books for younger children include JINGLE DANCER, INDIAN SHOES, RAIN IS NOT MY INDIAN NAME (all HarperCollins) and HOLLER LOUDLY (Dutton).

Her website at www.cynthialeitichsmith.com was named one of the top 10 Writer Sites on the Internet by Writer's Digest and an ALA Great Website for Kids. Her Cynsations blog at cynthialeitichsmith.blogspot.com/ was listed as among the top two read by the children's/YA publishing community in our SCBWI "To Market" column.

One of the great features of her website is the section, "Goodies for Writers and Illustrators."

It is PACKED with great stuff!

With gems like...

A Character's Controlling Belief by Mary Atkinson from Crowe's Nest. Peek: "A character’s goal is different. Goal answers the question, what does a character want? Controlling belief answers, why does she want it?"

6 1/2 Ways to Impress an Agent by Tina Wexler from Donna Gephart at Wild About Words. Peek: "Demonstrate knowledge of their list. This doesn’t mean you have to read every book they’ve ever sold—I leave that job to my mom — but by showing them you know a bit about who they represent, you’re telling agents you’ve done your research on who to query."

All Answers are Yes from Editorial Anonymous. [On pre-contract revisions,] Peek: "This is also a test: the good writers are the ones who are good at rewriting. Some people are only good at first drafts, or terrible at using feedback effectively, and I'd like to know that about someone before I commit to working with them for months/years and spending many thousands of dollars on their project."
it's a go-to place for links and lists on craft and publishing, education, promotion, professional critiquers, writing reading lists and so much more!  An excellent resource to know about.

Illustrate and Write On,


Wild About Words said...

Cynthia is a gift to our community. She provides endless resources, information and inspiration and is a lovely human being.
Thanks for posting this, Lee!

The Pen and Ink Blogspot said...

Thanks for the tip. I'mm off to visit.
Namaste. Susan