Tuesday, June 12, 2012

More News About E-publishing your out of print titles...

This month, Sarah Weinman in Publisher's Lunch reported this single line:

"Argo Navis Author Services has signed the Arcadia Literary Agency, Donald Maass Literary Agency, and Harvey Klinger as clients."

What's worth noting is that Argo Navis is an e-publishing service "designed for professional authors acting as publishers, who control the e-book rights to their reverted or not-in-print works" and that authors cannot sign up themselves.  Their AGENTS have to be signed up before they can have their works included.  That "ensures that the service is focused on professionals rather than self-published authors."

By making literary agents central to their business model, and ensuring their e-books are vetted by the structures of traditional publishing, this announcement gives us one view of how the future of e-publishing is shaping up.


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