Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Technology in Publishing: Embedded Videos in E-books!

A QR code... think of the possibilities!

From the world of nonfiction publishing, this is really interesting:

As reported in publishers lunch and The Hollywood Reporter

Rachel Ray is moving to Atria.  After nine books with Clarkson Potter, Ray tells the WSJ she wants to make her new cookbooks "exciting for people using their Nooks or iPads" and says she was attracted by a Tom Watson golf book Atria published last year that used QR codes editorially to link to instructional videos.

Atria says they will use QR codes in Ray's THE BOOK OF BURGER, due in June, to link to instructional videos as well.

Here's the info on the Tom Watson golf book, that sells it with this twist on the technology:

Special Bonus for this multimedia eBook edition: Each chapter includes an embedded, instantly viewable video of Tom Watson teaching key lessons.
Of course, this twist on the technology makes me wonder what we kid lit authors could do with this in our nonfiction... and fiction! 

Ask yourself:  What might YOU create?

Exciting times we live (and write and illustrate) in!

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http://midwesternfarmgirl.wordpress.com said...

I used a QR code on my name badge AND the finalist posters (by my name) at PNWA's 2011 Literary Conference. Most people did not know what they were. I would encourage writers to use them in their own "field tests".

BBC said...

Yep, it's a whole new world.