Thursday, September 15, 2011

Contest for Picture Book Writers: The MeeGenius! Author Challenge 2011

The folks at MeeGenius!--a e-picture book app for young readers for iPhone, iPad, iTouch, Google TV, and the web--have just kicked off a contest.

Open to both aspiring and published authors, the MeeGenius! Author Challenge 2011 will award one winner $1500 and a publishing contract as well as offering a MeeGenius! library to the school of the winner's choice. Three runners-up will win $500 and publishing contract.

Submissions will be posted on the MeeGenius! website where visitors can vote on their favorites. The most popular picks become finalists.

The deadline for entry is November 1st and winners will be announced in March. For complete rules and guidelines, visit


Andrea Mack said...

I notice this contest is only for writers living in the US.

Ed Varga said...

someone correct the blog heading - it says 2001 - come on people! (and when you fix it take my comment off so I don't look too much like a dunderhead)

Alice said...


Wow! Really Awesome Contest. Got this
Blog link from Deals Bunch twitter profile. Bella Vida Letty tweeted this.Thanks for sharing.


Honeysmoke said...

If they judge the contest online, aren't they publishing it? If they are publishing it, wouldn't that hurt future opportunities to get the work published?

Karen said...

Hi Alice,
Thanks for posting this! It sounds like a cool contest but I have the same concerns as "Honeysmoke". Do you know what the policy would be about it being online and whether that would be "published" in its own way?


Di said...

Regarding the comment about publishing all entries online for voting by the public. Someone else brought this up in my writer's group as hurting the "story's chance for future publication" because it may be considered published.??? True or not?

Otherwise it sounds like a great opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone! I am the VP of Content at MeeGenius and wanted to address some of your questions. When your manuscript is submitted to the challenge it does not limit any future opportunities to have your title published. The challenge is for a short period of time and is protected as are all submissions. If you have any specific questions that we can answer in greater detail please email us at Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone. The contest is on and if you could vote for me, it would be great! Thanks!!!