Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Autumn: A Great Time for ConferenceTravel!

While the SCBWI Annual Summer and Winter Conferences are consistently fabulous, I must admit I always long for an equally awesome autumn event. I adore traveling this time of year. No sweaty luggage lugging. No stuffing winter coats in the overhead bin. Just bordering-on-brisk, leaves-ready-to-change, settling-into-your-airplane-seat-wrapped-in-a-cozy-sweater loveliness.

Fortunately I'm headed northwest next week, off to the KidLitosphere's 5th Annual KidLitCon held this year in Seattle September 16-17. Most of SCBWI TEAM BLOG will be there. And Scott Westerfeld. And lots of talk about promotion and blogging and social media and marketing and all sorts of useful things. If you aren't headed that way, I'll clue you into the action via my blog, Twitter (etc.).

If you've also got the fall travel bug, be sure to check out all the terrific upcoming regional SCBWI events. Some may involve a short drive and some a short plane ride. Either way, you can squeeze in a little writing/illustrating/publishing-related jaunt before the holidays:
Are you attending a fall conference or event (SCBWI or otherwise)? Share your destination in a comment and clue in others would-be travelers.


dampscribbler said...

You obviously haven't spent the summer at home with a grade-school-age kid. :-) All I am looking forward to for Autumn is writing and routine, writing and routine. By the time I get settled into that, it will be time to disrupt it all for the winter holidays. But I'm already looking forward to next year's Summer Conference -- this year's was fantastic!

SCBWI said...

I DID spent the summer at home with a grade-school kid! That's why I'm hankering to get out of town :)
I hope you enjoy you're routine and your writing time is fruitful.