Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wednesday Tweet Round-Up: 40th Annual Summer Conference Edition #LA11SCBWI

My tweet roundup temporarily comes out of retirement today to bring you some great tweets from the recent--and fabulous--SCBWI Annual Summer Conference.

I've included links to a number of conference-goers post-event posts so you can see some varying perspectives. (Everyone's experience is different, after all.) You'll find plenty of photos, highlights and inspiration.

Click on the Twitter handles (@name) to find each tweeter's page should you wish to follow them or read more of what they're saying. Follow the included links to read the blog posts or view the photos offered in these tweets. To peruse the conference conversation on Twitter, search #LA11SCBWI. And be sure to check out SCBWI TEAM BLOG's in-depth coverage on the Official SCBWI Conference Blog. (Lots of great info here--don't miss it.)

@HUnderdown Good, long article from @PWKidsBookshelf summarizing the #LA11SCBWI conference:

@angelamatteson My brief conference wrap-up post: 

@kimmiepoppins SCBWI LA 40th Anniversary Conference-Part 4 Libba followed by Laurie...priceless!

@DeeWhiteauthor Dee White My LA Adventure part one - inspiring Bruce Coville and more 

@StephanieRuble My notes from the #LA11SCBWI conference -

@Ani_Lou Notes from the awesome #LA11SCBWI conference -

@karensandlerYA #LA11SCBWI - The Wisdom of Agents - Panel Discussion

@DiandraMae Finally posted about #LA11SCBWI… There's probably nothing you haven't seen yet, but if you're interested... ;)

@LPP_Media For all of you who followed #LA11SCBWI, check out this fresh wrap of the event: And share your thoughts! 

@timmccanna Tim's Top 10 Takeaways from #LA11SCBWI…

@leewind 5 highlights of my #LA11SCBWI experience - w/quotes & @judyblume !

@mravenbrown: Kill the Baby: A Recap of My Experience at #LA11SCBWI with 13 bon mots from the conference.

@novaren In which I blog the Surreal Moments at the SCBWI LA Conference and Beyond.

@ingridsundberg: 14 Fun & Fabulous Take-Away's from 2011 SCBWI LA Conference: 

@LisaYee1 Look at all the big name authors at the SCBWI conference! (Some behaved better than others.)

@LisaYee1 More photos of super famous/super nice KitLit authors and illustrators conferencing & making mischief -- 

@jayasherguy: Pics from #LA11SCBWI, including me rockin' a pink bunny suit:

  Summary (w/ takeaways & photos) of the amazing Illustrators Intensive at #LA11SCBWI :

: Finally found the time to write about my weekend at #LA11SCBWI. The most amazing 4 days. Thank you all!

@gregpincus: Here are six social media steps to take after any conference or big event (like #la11scbwi):

@alicepope: Norton Juster: For an encoure, I'm going to take out my own appendix while whistling an aria from La Bohème.

@alicepope: Gary Paulsen: When a story goes well the hair stands up on the back of my neck. It's like wolf blood.

@alicepope: David Small: Life is a shit storm. When it rains on you sometimes art is your only umbrella.

@alicepope: Bruce Coville: Writers can reach hundreds of thousands of children. Our work ripples. We have impact. 
@alicepope: I don't think about my legacy. I just want a little tombstone that says: Are you there, God? It's me, Judy.

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M. Raven Brown said...

Thanks for the link, Alice. It was lovely meeting you Thursday night. You're every bit as witty and charming as your blog posts.