Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Pro Tip: Bring a Copy of Your Book With You When You Do an Author Appearance/Speaking Event

Generally, it's very helpful to bring along a copy of your book if you're going to be on a panel, or speaking about your author journey. Why?

#1 It's helpful to be able to hold up the book when you introduce yourself, and then set it by you (standing up) so the audience sees it the whole time you're presenting. If you have a paperback, consider bringing a simple stand so it doesn't slump over.

#2 When you meet other industry folks and introduce yourself, it's nice to have a copy of your book (kind of like show and tell). A good backup is to have a copy of your book cover image on your phone.

#3 You never know when it will be helpful. This past weekend at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, when I was asked to have my photo taken by their staff photographer (the amazing Myung Chun) I had my books with me. And then, the photo of me with my books was one of ten photos shared on the LA Times Entertainment Instagram account!

My photo from the LA Times Instagram Post, holding my nonfiction for readers age 11 and up No Way, They Were Gay? and my new YA novel, A Different Kind of Brave.

As a backup, if you forget to bring a copy of your book, you can always approach the bookseller working your event and ask to borrow a copy just for the time of your presentation.

I hope that's helpful!

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