Tuesday, May 23, 2023

TikTok Launches a Book Awards Program

In what might be a bellwether for the future...  

of TikTok, #BookTok, these awards spreading internationally, and the idea of how awards happen for creative work in general, yesterday TikTok announced a new book awards program for the UK and Ireland.

Screen shot of the press release announcing the new TikTok Book Awards Program for the UK and Ireland

From their press release:

In the past year, the #BookTok hashtag has grown more than 160% to over 138 billion views - and shows no sign of stopping! The #BookTok community of authors, readers and fans is transforming the publishing world: propelling new authors into the mainstream, reviving much loved classics, inspiring a new generation of bookworms and helping to boost print book sales.

In celebration and recognition of the titles, authors, content and creators that have made the unique BookTok ecosystem what it is, we are proud to launch our very own TikTok Book Awards for the UK and Ireland. For the first time, we're creating a true people's choice book award - giving our community the chance to vote for the winning books, authors and creators in-app.

BookTok has become known for driving interest (and sales) because of authentic book endorsements from BookTok creators. It's fascinating to see them create an awards program which 'vets' a book in a completely different way, a BookTok people's choice award.

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