Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Jason Reynolds on Writing -- Well, NOT Writing -- Heroes and Villains

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In this 2022 PrintMag Design Matters podcast interview, Jason Reynolds said:

“Well, I’m so glad you brought up this idea around heroism. I don’t believe in that. I try not to ever write heroes and villains because I just don’t believe in heroes and villains. I believe in journey folk. That we’re all just sort of on the journey, you know what I mean? And whether one is heroic or villainous is contextualized by whatever particular part of the journey that they’re on, but that swings and changes.”

Jason continues, speaking about his novel Ghost:

“Ghost does a lot of things that some people would look down on, and then he does other things that some people would applaud him for, and that’s just what it is to be a person. And all I ever want to do in my books is just show, for me, specifically, Black children as human beings, as people. And that’s all he is, a person with a heart, and fear, and jokes, and ambition, and anger and doubt. He’s just a person...”

Inspiration for us all!

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