Thursday, July 23, 2020

Sticks and Stones and the Stories We Tell: Ten BIPOC Creators Discuss Turning Racism Into Art

In this free-to-all panel from SCBWI, sparked from an idea from renowned illustrator, author, and teacher Pat Cummings, ten also renowned children's book creators share their experience with racism and how they've aimed to transform those experiences into art.

In the opening minutes, Lin Oliver also introduces SCBWI's brand new Chief Equity and Inclusion Office, April Powers.

Lin Oliver (top left) introduces April Powers (center), SCBWI's Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer, while sign language interpreter 
In her introduction, Pam Cummings said,

“Talking about the problem is one thing, but how do you use it? How do we get constructive with this? How does this turn up in our work?”

Answers and stories and so much more are shared by Crystal Allen, Floyd Cooper, Lamar Giles, Rafael Lopez, Meg Medina, Linda Sue Park, Christian Robinson, Shadra Strickland, and Lisa Yee.

It's well-worth watching.

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