Thursday, November 28, 2019

Wonderland Article Gives Us a Glimpse Into the Maira Kalman Exhibition at the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art

So maybe you can't get to Amherst, Massachusetts before April 5, 2020. Or maybe, this will convince you to!

 The Pursuit of Everything: Maira Kalman’s Books for Children

The Wonderland article has lots of great photos and quotes from Maira's talk at the exhibit's opening, including these gems:
“The most wonderful projects come from wandering and finding your way and one thing leads to another.”
About writing about Thomas Jefferson, slavery and his sexual relationship with the woman he enslaved, Sally Hemings, in her 2014 book “Thomas Jefferson, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Everything”: “You can’t tell that story and have that thing be left out of it. … But you can talk to kids about that very plainly. … We said the monumental man had monumental flaws.”
“The way I deal with people is not from a cynical or sarcastic point of view,” Kalman says. “What I really want to say is we’re all in this together and I find you fantastically beautiful and interesting.”
“If you don’t digress and go off the point, I think you miss the point.”

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NormaJeane Vela said...

Does anyone have this Wonderland article saved anywhere - I tried the link and it says, "This Account is Suspended." Also tried a Google search for the article with no luck. I adore Maira Kalman. Many thanks if anyone can help.

NormaJeane Vela said...

Does anyone have a copy of this Wonderland article by any chance? The link results in a "This Account is Suspended" page and Google search gets the same result. Many thanks in advance if anyone has it. Love Maira Kalman - she got me painting again.