Thursday, October 17, 2019

Do You Have a Strategy To Beat Writer's Block? Advice from 11 of Australia's Most Celebrated Authors

In this roundup article in the Guardian, 'Give up and go to the pub': Australia's top authors on beating writer's block, nominees for the 2019 Prime Minister’s Literary awards share their tips on tackling “the monster that plagues all writers.”

 From YA author Clare Atkins, nominated for Between Us:
Research has been the best antidote to writer’s block for me. If I get stuck I find someone with the same lived experience as my character to talk to about the story. Real life is often even more weird and wonderful than fiction.
to YA author Karen Foxlee, nominated for Lenny’s Book of Everything:
Just keep writing until the water runs clear. Write what you think might happen. Write random snippets of dialogue. Write something else unrelated. Just write. It will feel terrible but eventually the good ideas and story will flow again.
to Nonfiction author Tanya Dalziell, nominated for Half the Perfect World:
I read recently that scientists have confirmed what the Romantic poets knew well: walking helps thinking and writing.
There's lots of good advice and methods to try!

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