Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Twitter Highlights of #LA16SCBWI

What a conference!

There are so many great tweets to check out - here are ten that resonated for me. Check out the twitter stream for so much more inspiration!

Martha Brockenbrough ‏@mbrockenbrough Jul 31 "Make sure everything you put into a story has at least two reasons to be there." - Neal Shusterman #la16scbwi

Anna ShinodaVerified account ‏@AnnaShinoda Jul 30 "As writers, how do we change the world? One reader at a time." -@NealShusterman #LA16SCBWI

Devas_T (Don Tate) ‏@Devas_T Jul 30 Marie Lu, advice for writing outside of your experience: listen. Learn from other’s stories. When wrong, don’t defend. Listen. #LA16SCBWI

Lee Wind ‏@leewind 24h24 hours ago It's NOT 'send me your gobbled-gook, you said you were an editorial agent.' Submit only your best. @Tina_Wexler #LA16SCBWI

Vivian Lee Mahoney ‏@VLeeMahoney Jul 31 THIS --> RT @leewind: finish that 1st draft! "You can't perfect something that doesn't exist." - @Marie_Lu #LA16SCBWI

Jolie Stekly ‏@cuppajolie Jul 31 "If our readers don't like the first line then they'll never read the second."-Richard Peck #la16scbwi

Bree Barton ‏@BreeBartonYA Jul 31 Los Angeles, CA "Writing is a joy. It's also a privilege. We might as well own it and love it and enter it from a place of joy." @Mollybburnham #la16scbwi

Corinna Luyken ‏@CorinnaLuyken Jul 31 "It's not being in the light, it's being there before it arrives" -Toni Morrison via @SophieBlackall #LA16SCBWI

Heather Zenzen ‏@heatherzenzen Jul 31 In yoga, it never gets easier bc you’re always pushing limits, stretching a further. Writing books is the same. -Sophie Blackall #LA16SCBWI

Jessica Gruner ‏@Gruner23 Jul 30 "The better the character, the worse the trouble, the better the story." @brucecoville at #LA16SCBWI

okay, one more that I tweeted:

"Diversity is not a trend... It needs to be the norm." -Justin Chanda at #LA16SCBWI #WeNeedDiverseBooks

And for more detailed reporting from the conference floor, check out The Official SCBWI Conference Blog here.

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