Tuesday, June 28, 2016

A cool brainstorming tool

For those times when the right word or visual concept eludes you, or you need stretch your curiosity muscles, check out the App Blippar.

You point it at something (I aimed my smartphone at an arrangement of sweet pea flowers) and it generates a cloud of words that are, according to it, related.

Words like floral and blooming pop up on the screen, and then the app loads the circles at the bottom with options to explore. Garden snapdragons, poinsettia, Flower bouquet, Streptocarpus, Flower.

I chose flower, which then gave me these choices

And then I went down the path of the word I didn't know: Gametophyte:

Which lead me to Pollen:

Which lead me to Pollen tube:

Which led me to Giovanni Battista Amici:

Who? Well, I clicked on it and discovered Giovani was one of the inventors of the microscope.


It's a pretty interesting visual brainstorming tool. I wonder how you'll use it?

Illustrate and Write On,

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